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Back & Stomach Pack (Large)

$46.00 inc. GST

A simple design for ease of use on the stomach, back or knee.

The simple design of this larger pack gives targeted relief for pains and allows some mobility as it can be held in place by clothing such as jeans, business pants or skirts. Placed against the lower back, it eases tension and relieves back pain. Placed on the stomach, it relieves abdominal pain such as that caused by cramps. The pack can also be used on knees and held in place with a belt or similar item.

This pack is good for:
Back pain
Stomach ache
Period pain
Labour pain
Knee injuries
Sports injuries

High thermal capacity
Natural odourless, pest and mould-resistant lupin core
100% cotton cover
Fully hand-washable

Myrtle Green, Blue and Red.

Heating & Cooling Times


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